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Travis Porter – Hoes At My Door lyrics

She kicked it off with some real quick head.
Last week I fucked the hoe, and now the bitch scared.
Bang, bang, skeet, skeet then the bitch fled.
Next hoe walked in the door, and that's when I said.
If yeen fuckin' him, yeen fuckin' me neither.
And I know you a freak, seen you workin' at Pleasers.
Heard all about you shawty, ain't your name Keisha?
Smashed her ass for 15, and then I had to take a breather.
Next hoe!
Didn't I meet you on Flat Shoals?
Shawty, I don't know me and my partner pass hoes.
Straight smash hoes, then throw 'em in the gutta.
Strap the fu fool, Mister Always Keep A Rubber
That's meee...

All these hoes at my door?
My door?
My door?
My door?

True player, I never been a caker.
I-I get the number, fuck the bitch, and never date her.
I-I got to share her, so I pass her to my neighbor.
Go ham on the pussy, body slam her, Rick Flair!
Get the pussy now, and get the pussy later.
She shows up at my door, as if she delivers the paper.
Duct tape her, get the camera then I tape her.
The way that she be screamin' you would think a nigga raped herrr...

All these hoes at my door?
My door?
My door?
My door?

Knock, knock - I'm thinking should I answer.
(Who it is?) Keisha, she a real nasty that's her.
Let her in, she don't need ID.
She came here, just to be by me.
Need she want to do me, Strap, and Ali.
Need she want to fuck me first, I'm like shid why me?
'Cause I'm the slim, tall fellow.
Who make everything all better.
(Better?) Beat it down - rain, sleet, nigga all weather.
(Damn! ) And I think she like that, don't she? (She dooo)
She wanna fuck everybody like me don't she? (She dooo)
She's a groupie, a bonified hoochie.
So I slid it right in her coochie. (Watch my jimmy! )

All these hoes at my door?
My door?
My door?
My door?

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