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Trae – Wanna See Me Gone lyrics

[Hook: Charlie Berry - 2x]
I know a lot of haters, wanna see me gone
But I think, you better move on
If you wanna plex, then let's get it on
But I think, you better move on

Now that I'm grinding, I know a lot of hatas wanna see me gone
But I know they need to be moving on, somebody done told em wrong
About this Dirty 3rd block bleeder, who on the block full time
And now he got out of lock down, from coming out of hard times
A hundred percent with raw rhymes, never ever will I let them fade me
You better come with another raw plan, cause grinding in my blood baby
And it ain't no switching up the game, either way I'm gon get mine
Somebody, better get up out the throne
Cause that seat right there, finna be mine
I'm coming for the crown, so y'all better lay it down
I've been here from the jump, and when y'all leave I'ma still be around
Y'all ain't messing with Trae, I'm too hard to play with you cats
Coming at me sideways, I will run back and lean on you cats
You don't wanna take it to that other place, in these streets I'm forever safe
It's my turn so you better wait, all you niggaz get up out my space
'Fore I get to tripping, I don't trust none of you haters
And fuck a friend I throw the deuce, ain't no seeing you later

[Hook: Charlie Berry - 2x]

I know the key to the city make it
And knowing you could never take it
Better get out the way, when Trae come out
And get a hell of a Guerilla, under-rated
Never operated, now I'm coming with it
When I spit, you know ain't no fucking with it
If you want it, I'm telling you come and get it
Everytime I come out, you fin to feel it
Ain't no way, that I'm fin to give up what I got-a

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