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Toyah – The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself lyrics

Well it's like this
Hamlet said
"Get thee to a nunnery, go, farewell, or it thou will't needs marry, marry
A fool; for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them. God
Has given you one face and you make yourselves another. You jig, you amble
And you lisp and nickname God's creatures and make your wantonness your
Ignorance. Go to: I'll no more on't: it hath made me mad. To a nunnery go"
(drink me)
To which Ophelia answered
"Oh what a noble mind is here o'erthrown"
There's this woman
>From the land beyond the shore line
The woman who had an affair
Cos her man's attentions were somewhere else
In the clouds
It all began with her image
She thought there was room to improve
To win the admiration
Of his wandering attentions
Instead she discovered part of herself she never knew of
The waves come
The effect that followed
Was like being thrown into the Hawaii surf
Oh the glory in the liking of herself
She was her own secret admirer
She gives herself gifts
Giving perpetuates
And this person is
Truly and faithfully hers alone
Roll over my feet
Every time she sees her glowing reflections
She's reminded of true devotion
But when a golden boy caught her eye
Jealously she felt from within
Instead of flirting with she ignored him
I descend the shore
She explores
She goes forward
And tries new ways
And when she's had enough
She tries new tastes
And if things get stale
With gentle consideration
She spits it all away
She's there
She cares
While down in the gutter pitter patter piss bile and ale
There's this woman
On the land beyond the shoreline
The woman who had an affair with herself
Cos her man's attentions were somewhere else
In the clouds
While she was being thrown into the Hawaii surf
Hawaii surf
Hawaii surf
Hawaii surf
And the waves drink me

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