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Toy Dolls – The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo lyrics

long ago with vertigo, o, o
he had a fatal accident
the balance of barry's had went
and nothing could prevent him falling off
the bu, bu, bu bungalow

the night was young and barry begun downing a pint in the pub
the plan was he would have a curry then soak up the suds in the tub
he took a sup as he stood up he fell to the floor with a yell
he hit the deck, but what the eck, baz says, "i'm feelin' swell"

he buys the scran, back in the van, headed home to relax
before he sees the door barry is plagued with panic attacks.
the answer phone had one message that pushed barry over the edge
"is that barry the roofer man? please come to me as quick as you can"

barry the rooger, barry the roofer, barry the roofer man

he misses his meal, back at the wheel, with his ladders and his map
a dude in despair with a roof to repair, is betting barry's the chap
barry assessed the damaged and guessed, to leave it alone is probably best
the customer cried "fix it man", that night barry died when he got out the van

barry the roofer, barry the roofer, barry the roofer man

barry the roofer, barry the roofer, barry the, barry the, barry the, barry the

the balance of barry's had went...

barry the roofer... barry the, barry the...

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