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Total – What The Dealio? lyrics

I see somebody wrote me a letter today
Somebody likes me
I see that - that somebody likes me
But I don't believe it

[Verse One]
Baby you're my everything
Everything I've ever dreamed
You're like a nigga in a magazine
You almost make me cream
See I can't keep control of myself
I wanna feel myself
It's the heat running through my veins
I scream baby you're the best, you're the best

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Oh what the dealio, can I speak to you
You give me butterflies, oh I'm so scared of you
Of what you do to me, are you too true to be
You're just a fantasy, you're not reality

[Verse Two]
Baby you're my fantasy
You're the only one I love
I'll let you be my baby's dad
Let me come and get a hug
See here's a little kiss for you
I'll let you do what you want to
See look at what you do to me
Boy I can't get enough, get enough

[Chorus:] - repeat

Baby you're the one, the one, the one, the one
Baby you're the one
Look at what you done, you done, you done, you done
Look at what you done, look at what you done to me
You've made my world shine just like, like the sun
Baby you're the one, the one, the one, the one
Baby you're the one, baby you're the one

[Total] & (Missy)
Oh what the dealio,(oh what the dealio)
Can I speak to you, (can I speak to you)
You give me butterflies, (you give me butterflies)
Oh I'm so scared of you. (oh I'm so scared of you)
Of what you do to me, (what you do to me?)
Are you too true to be, (too good to be true)
You're just a fantasy, you're not reality

Somebody, somebody likes me
(Repeat to fade)

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