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Tony Yayo – No Teeth No Names lyrics

What the fuck does that mean man
I dropped outta school nigga
I'm still rich though
Yo lodo count that 50 thousand over there man
Know how we do it that's truck money nigga
Y'all rappers is broke
Ha ha, shit I'm just goin platinum nigga
But I really don't give a fuck nigga
For freal for real
I'm in a jet while 50 doin a movie
Ay yo ay yo

I hate all laws fuck the time that the feds giving
Night vision on the tool I'l hit a stool pigeon
Armed and dangerous, armed on these streets
Streetsweep in the jeep, vest on a scronny phsyique
Haters don't speak when the kid come around
It only take 2 minutes for my maack to cool down
Take a ride towards hell on a trail to the riches
Your plans on fail, get them niggaz
Nigga look at the diamonds and wonder what it cost
The way that I rhyme I got my fans brain washed
I got in the porsche, I got leather in the porsche
When I drop the top I look better in the porsche

Don't play in the streets cause the streets is no game
Don't wear that watch, don't rock that chain
Don't talk to the cops, don't hate on ya team
Cause people end up with no teeth and no names
Cause people end up with no teeth and no names
Cause people end up with no teeth and no names

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