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Tony Carey – A Fine Fine Day lyrics

A Fine, Fine Day
Tony Carey

When my Uncle Sonny blew back into town,
Said "I'll just go for a ride
And have a look 'round. "
And he took off his fidora,
And stuck his fingers in the crown,
And he pulled out twenty dollars
And he laid that money down.

And he called out to a taxi cab,
"Take me down to central park,
And keep that meter runnin'
To the twenty dollar mark. "
And he kept his eyes turned forward
And he sat up straight and tall
And no one even noticed him,
No one cared at all.

It's a Fine, Fine Day,
For a reunion.
It's a Fine, Fine Day,
For comin' home.
You did your sittin',
You did hard time.
But you ain't gonna sit no more,
They can't keep you there no more.
It's a Fine, Fine Day
And nothin's gonna take it,
Nothin's gonna take it away
It's a Fine, Fine Day.

First time I saw Sonny,
I was just about this tall
And he always made my momma
Kinda crazy when he'd call.
Him and my old man
Would stand and whisper in the hall
Then they'd dissappear,
And maybe not come home at all.

Then one day Sonny stopped comin' round
Heard he'd gotten himself into
A little trouble out in town
Sometime after that
He finaly dissappeared for good,
Then he pulled out ol' Houdini,
Like we always knew he would!

Repeat Chorus

"I see you made it back alright, alright.
I see you're none the worse for wear
It's been a long time comin'
Nothin's gonna drag you away from here! "

A Fine, Fine Day!
And nothin's gonna take,
Nothin's gonna take it away
Oh yeah
A Fine, Fine Day... A Fine Day

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    I have NEVER understood the meaning of this song. What "trouble" did Uncle Sonny get into? and why was he killed off" I just don't know or understand this video or lyrics. I would like any kind replies that anyone who knows what this song means and is about could help me with. thank you very much Have a very safe and Happy 4th of July
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