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Toni Childs – Predator lyrics

Walking down the road
I feel so low, low, low
And I'm feeling like I don't know life
I don't know, know, know
There's something in my head
Something haunting me
Something that I'd rather say
Goodbye, goodbye

It's another deception
It's a voice that's being cruel
It's the predator deep inside

You meet a bluebeard on the road
He's saying hello, hello
And he shakes you by the hand
He says you're gonna blow
Man you're gonna blow
He's a clever person my dear
He's a clever one to fear
He's the one that says don't open up that door

It's a monster, I can tell you
It's someone to be scared of
It's the predator deep inside

He's coming for you
He's coming for you now
He's coming for you now
He, he sounds a little scary
As he whispers, he tells you and you frown
You're losing, losing your ground
You want to, move him out
Deny he's there
But you can't let out that he's in your head

It's the predator
It's the predator who lives inside your head

It's the predator inside you
It's remarkable disguise--you
It's the mask you won't admit inside your head

Walk with the man at night
He says he don't know, know, know
And he's fucking with your head
You don't know, know, know

It's radio k-fuck
It's coming in loud and clear
But the signals crossed
You can't shut it off
And it knows no fear

It's a monster
I can tell you
It's someone to be scared of
It's the predator deep inside

It's not the sharks outside you
It's not living in the dark
It's what lurks inside your mind
That it sparks

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