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Tonex – That's When lyrics

Verse 1
All alone just sittin' thinkin' by myself
Contemplating 'bout my life chewing on my nails
I'm the head of this house, now it's all on me
To provide for my Wife and kids are my responsibility
Can't afford to break down gotta be a man
Ain't the richest guy around but I do what I can
How it's gonna go down homie don't ask me
I just pray to the Lord up above in search of reciprocity

That's when, that's when You bless me
That's when, that's when You rescued me from
The pain and the heartache, that's when that's when...

Verse 2
Don't know how in the world I'm gone pay these bills
Feel like sometimes I wanna cry I'm a keep it real
But I ain't giving up my pride or my sanity
I refuse to let society win, it won't get the best of me
Baby's crying, Wife is whinin' 'cuz they never se me
But it's hard when you're working two jobs you see
Have a feeling that trouble won't last always
Lift my hands to the sky up above
I hope You hearin' what I say


(Repeat Chorus)

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