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Tonesâ„¢ – Little Nuf Said lyrics

A little bit of green could help our eco blues
I’m talking bout these little green botanical things
Oh oh little nuf said
There’s lots of mooee hooee but there’s little nuf said
Oh there’s little nuf said about the good of the cannabis plant
As far as renewable commodities
Things are looking good for hemp
It yields per acre more oxygen
I just need a field full
Good for the tummy and some say it’s good for the head
Is that right Ted
It’s clinically helpful when it’s medically dealt
For somebody’s health
Ganja or hemp what ever you call it there s little nuf said
That’s good about it little nuf said
Oh there s little nuf said about the good
You, well you know you could, put it in the cookies
Rope it to the raft
The seeds have more essentials than any other plant
Essential fatty acids essential amino acids too
For your health
I wonder if the senators might have another study done
And this time weigh up the good
There’s little Nuf said and lots of good denied
The eco system needs this if the world could just comply
There’s little nuf said little nuf said about the good of hemp
Doobie doo doo doo doobie doo doo
There’d be paper without cutting trees and bio fuels too
Bags and belts essential oils and polymers for making stuff
Its been a peaceful culture mentor
Everybody happy in a hammock
There’s little nuf said I wonder why
What about the oxygen it puts into the sky
There’s little nuf said my friends they tell me
Don’t say much about the ganja
Little nuf said about the good of the ganja
Little nuf said about the good of hemp
Little nuf said
There’s little nuf said about the good of the cannabis plant
Don’t say much about the ganja
I don’t inhale
Why do you do what you do
You’re calling it taboo
But cannabis isn’t evil it could help the eco
Look it up

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