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Tommy Mcclennan – You Can Mistreat Me Here lyrics

You Can Mistreat Me Here 2:56 Trk 1 Disc 1
Tommy McClennan
Recorded: Wednesday Nov. 22, 1939 Chicago, Illinois
RCA Studio A., A&R - Lester Melrose
Tommy McClennan - vocal & guitar
Album: RCA Bluebird Recordings 1939-1942
RCA 07863, 67430-2 (BMG Music) 1997

Now, you can mistreat me, here
But you can't when I go home
You can mistreat me, here
But you can't when I go home
'Cause I got someone there
Will really make you leave me alone

Now, I give you all my money, baby
What mo' can a po' man do?
Give you all my money
What mo' can a po' man do?
You's a sweet little girl
Baby, but you won't be true

Now, I done tol' you once, now baby
Now, don't have to tell you no mo'
(Take your time now, play it right
For you over in Chicago)
I done tol' you
I don't wanna tell you no mo'
(Tell me what?)
You can get all a-my lovin'
If you let that black man go

(Play that boss man!)

(Yas, yeah)

Umm-mmm-mm, mmm-mmm-mmmm

Now, my mama tol' me
An my papa start in cryin'
My mama tol' me
And my papa he startin' cry
(What he said?)
Said, 'Son, you're too young a-man
To have them many womens yourself'

I looked at my mama an papa, now
Now, an I never cracked a smile
(Yes, yes, yes, yes!)
Looked at my mama an papa
An I never cracked a smile
(What about it?)
I said,'The little woman I got kill me
Mama, Lord, I don't mind dyin'

Dee-da, be-ba, ba-ba-ba,


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