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Tom Waits – Bad As Me lyrics

You're the head on the spear
You're the nail on the cross
You're the fly in my beer
You're the key that got lost
You're the letter from Jesus on the bathroom wall
You're mother superior in only a bra
You're the same kind of bad as me

I'm the hat on the bed
I'm the coffee instead
The fish or cut bait
I'm the detective up late
I'm the blood on the floor
The thunder and the roar
The boat that won't sink
I just won't sleep a wink
You're the same kind of bad as me

No good you say
Well that's good enough for me

You're the wreath that caught fire
You're the preach to the choir
You bite down on the sheet
But your teeth have been wired
You skid in the rain
You're trying to shift
You're grinding the gears
You're trying to shift
And you're the same kind of bad as me

They told me you were no good
I know you'll take care of all my needs
You're the same kind of bad as me

I'm the mattress in the back
I'm the old gunnysack
I'm the one with the gun
Most likely to run
I'm the car in the weeds
If you cut me I'll bleed
You're the same kind of bad as me
You're the same kind of bad as me

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    When a man's mind is broken and can no longer relate to the world in traditional sanity, unable to discipline oneself within family friendly behavior, that mind will rationalize how bad things are by things that are worse than itself. To admit one's perversion from the mainstream would be excruciating after a certain point of deviation. When the mind is past any point of any return, the only other rationale is to associate with like mindedness. Finding someone or something that makes sense is cherished and celebrated, rather than having to suffer an already profound isolation.
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    This character is someone who has developed paranoid schizophrenia, with narcissistic personality. Once he was an innocent boy who was sexually traumatized by 'mother superior' and possibly by other aspects of religious trauma based programming. The boy has now grown into a broken minded sociopath who decides he will light a wreath on fire to get back at his church abusers and he feels no culpability in this action. He's apparently institutionalized and although he's restrained, muzzled, and sedated, his inner rage is powerful enough to allow him to escape, steal a manual transmission vehicle, which he can't seem to drive, finds a gun and a sack of personal items to take with him as he runs from authorities. He takes shelter with someone who is considered just as insane as he, but he's ok with that and is glad to finally have a place to stay with someone of his kind. He identifies himself as someone who is like an abandoned car left for weeds to overtake, but he knows he still has value and reminds us of his humanity with 'if you cut me i'll bleed.
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