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Tom T. Hall – Nashville Is A Groovy Little Town lyrics

My plane set down in Nashville at a quarter after 2
A little while and I'd be on my way back home to you
While I was waitin' for my flight, got out and looked around
Nashville is a groovy little town

I met some entertainers and they had an extra girl
I told them I was just a tourist out to see the world
From one place to another, yes we really made the rounds
Nashville is a groovy little town

Next day they all took me in just like they did before
I guess I'm trying to tell you I won't be home anymore
Now this may sound poetic, but I'm happy as a clown
Nashville is a groovy little town

Remember how I used to sit and drink and play guitar
And I'd get up and sing for all those folks at Jody's bar
Well I found out it ain't too bad, the way I pick and sound
Nashville is a groovy little town

You know that nest egg that we buried in the bank awhile
Take it out and spend it darlin', dress yourself in style
You have always been a swinger and now I won't be around
Nashville is a groovy little town

I've got myself a little shack out on ol' Hickory Lake
And now and then I get a gig and buy myself a steak
Y'know, they published one of my old songs, they're showing it around
Nashville is a groovy little town

You remember all those tranquilizers that I used to take
Well I'm not on those anymore, I'm on old Hickory Lake
So when you start cryin' here's the best one-liner I have found
What else you got? Yes, Nashville is a groovy little town

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