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Tobymac – Hype Man (Trudog '07) - Truett McKeehan, , Tobymac, Tobymac lyrics

(Tru Dog)
Tru Dog's back
Playa from another laya.

Alright, I'm going to show how this thing works
I'll be your hype man
We're going to start out like this
Tru D-O-G what you got for me
Tru D-O-G what you got boy

(Tru Dog)
What I got?

Tru D-O-G make it hot for we,
Tru D-O-G make it hot...

(Tru Dog)
Like this? Tru D-O-G that's who I am,
With the sun in my eyes and the mic in my hand,
I'm gonna rock this party like an old school jam,
Tru D-O-G, that's what I got Pops

Nice, Tru D-O-G what you got for me,
Tru D-O-G what you got boy,
Tru D-O-G make it hot for we,
Tru D-O-G make it hot boy,

(Tru Dog)
I got to get this off my chest I like recess,
And I like it the best when I'm ballin',
Shot-calling, bouncing off the walls,

What you know about shot-calling man,
Cause everybody gonna move when I rock the mic,
I ke...

(Tru Dog)
Yo hold up dad,
Don't you have 11 otha joints on this record?


(Tru Dog)
What's the name of this track anyway,

Tru Dog...

(Tru Dog)
Cause everybody gonna move when I rock the mic,
I keep it lyrically smooth like I'm riding a bike,
And everyonce in awhile just to see if they feel me,
I'm gonna pop a wheelie!
I'm gonna pop a wheelie!

Man what you talkin' about?
You can't pop no wheelie.

(Tru Dog)
Yes I can!
Ask momma.

Hold on, you said something about old school,
Whatcha know about old school.

(Tru Dog)
Check this,
Shake it, don't break it,
It took your momma nine months to make it.

This tracks getting out of control.

(Tru Dog)
But Dad!
That's not a very good hype man.

Hey, I heard that,

(Tru Dog)
Oh snap.

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