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To Be Juliets Secret – Hello Love Goodbye lyrics

[Verse one:]
I saw you walking in the street
Don't look this way love, please.
Just let my heart, let it go.
It took me back to that day
You turned and walked away
And said it's supposed to be this way
I'd be okay cause it was all the same
I guess our story is ending here

My pen could only write your name
You were filling every page, so fast.
Then we fell and died away,
It's not supposed to be this way
I'm so far from okay, if it's all the same then it's just you that's okay.

[Verse two:]
I saw you crying in the street
Don't do this now love, please.
We've been here so many times before
Take me back to that day,
I turned and walked away and said
It's supposed to be this way, I thought I'd be okay
Cause it was all the same, I guess our story is ending here

Take me back to that day, I'd make it all okay
I don't know what to say
I didn't know you felt that way,
My lips could only say your name you were filling every phrase, so fast but then we fell and died away

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    I think it's about two people that love each other so much but they don't know that. So the guy say that they should just stop being around each other because he couldn't be with her. But he doesn't say that so they just split up but still love each other. So when they see each other again they will think about the day and then they will admit there love and then now they singing about how they didn't know and that they couldn't stop thinking, writing, and saying each others names and how they want to do it all okay again.
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    For me the story is about a lover that one time, they see each other again and remember the time when they left each other cause they thought that there's nothing gonna happen to their relationship.
    But still they love one another.
    The thing is that they keep it, they didn't show/tell to each other and they thought that the other doesn't love him/her anymore - that it's okay for him/her. So they really think its over. They don't know how to start again. Again they thought it would be the same.
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    It is a song about a guy who dumped a chick for some made up reason like she was going to be killed or something and he still loved her even though he most likely told her that he didn't care about her anymore and the chick is really hurt but still madly in love with him. The are both saying that the other is all they can talk, write, and think about.
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