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Tiziano Ferro – Perdona lyrics

Perdono... Eh...
For everythin I've done you have to know
I'm so sorry
Just give me another change,
I'm gonna give you a rosa -
Continoue dreaming of our everlastin
Frienship -
I still believe in me and you, my friends are all
Look at the joy I'm feeling with my heartbeat
I'm trying to find a way to tell you that I'm crazy
If you don't understand what you mean to me I know I hurt you so,
But honey I'm here to let you know,
I love you so to let you know,
That I don't want live every single day alone
I wanna see you dancing, smiling next to me

Perdono -
For everything I've done you have to know
I'm so sorry
Just give me antother change,
I'm gonna give you a rosa
Continue dreaming of our everlasting
I still believe in me and you,
My friends are all

I told you I was right, but I was wrong
And now I dedicate to you my song
Cause if I live without you I'm not strong
I'm your hitting sun and you're my moon
Select me shine just that you know
Believe it's you who I adore
Although your conditradictions and defects
I still want your sweet caresses

Perdono -
For everything...

Here it's cold lika at christmastime
Here it's darker without your smile
All my deeper dreams here are dying
Mars and venus - here- I'm just crying
Take my glow and give me your moonlight
What I can I do - I don't know
Please come back I swear that it wll last
We'll be dancing flying space

Perdono... Mmmm.... Perdono.... Perdono sorry rosa friendship perdono sorry...

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