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Tim Stop – I Will Be Yours lyrics

When the cold of night is fast at your back
And the shadows grow tall along your path
I'll be your light, I'll be your way
I'll be your summertime when winter has stolen the day

Cuz you have been mine
Oh you've protected me
As the ice and wind fight the world outdoors
So I will be yours
I will be yours

Out on the battlefield when the tables have turned
You've lost the advantages you so boldly and patiently earned
I'll be your rock yeah, I'll be your soldier
I'll be the constant you can come on home to

Cuz you have been mine
Oh and you've carried me
And together we will win the darkest wars
So I will be yours
I will be yours

When trouble is close and won't let you be
Then I'll be what you've been for me
And when you need somebody to love you
I will, I will
And when it's your time, as God will decide
There I will be right at your side
To carry you home and lead you along
I will, I will

And as time goes by, forevermore
I will be yours
I will be yours

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