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Tim O'Brien – The Church Steeple [high On A Hillside] lyrics

High on a hillside the old church steeple calls
The bells are a ringin', a singin' to one and all
Of the joys and the sorrows the laughter and the pain
The heartbeat of the whole town is heard within that strain

It called for my brother when he made his way back home
With a purple heart in a pine box he was never more to roam
We all came down to meet him and to make our last goodbyes
I think of him when the bells ring and the tears come to my eyes


It called to my sister when she walked the aisle in white
All eyes were upon her with my father on her right
He gave her away to my best friend, I can hear the bells today
We'll meet there to name a new child, and to bless him on his way


It will call and I'll answer ‘til my ears no longer hear
It'll soothe me in anger it'll wipe out all my fears
It tells us all that we belong and it swells us up with pride
We'll all hear it together and walk there side by side


High on a hillside the old church steeple calls

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