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Tim O'Brien – Out On The Rolling Sea lyrics

Out on the rollin' sea Jesus speaks to me
Out on the rollin' sea when she rolls
Out on the rollin' sea Jesus speaks to me
Out on the rollin' sea when she rolls

Out on the rollin' sea, just the fish and the gulls and me
As far as I can see it's just green and blue
The hot sun beatin' down, bakin' my body brown
There's not a thing in this world I'd rather do

Waves bobbin' up and down, tossin' me all around
Where I'm gonna end up only heaven knows
I'm driftin' with the tide, it's a slow and easy ride
I take it how it comes and how it goes

Above the world of the sea and below the world of the sky
My boat floats in a line between the two
I lost my sense of time when I left the land behind
I don't care which is old or which is new

Life has been this way since the dawn of the first day
No matter what we plan or how we roam
We're passin' through this place each at our different pace
The world is just a journey, it's not our home

Cannot own the earth, can't count how much it's worth
Cannot keep the riches that you earn
Remember you're a guest and forget about the rest
Just look and listen, love and try to learn

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