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Tim Curry – Working On My Tan lyrics

Nikki's at the campsite in the caravan
On the Riviera
Every night the bugs bite
Catch her if they can
But she don't hear of it
She say...
"I'm working on my tan...
Oh man,
I'm working on my tan
Oh man,
Working on my tan"

Harvey sings calypso in thehotel band
But it's just financial
Playing for the dipsoes, and the also-ran
But he ain't anxious, Man,
He say, "I'm workin on my tan
Oh man...
I'm working on my tan.
Oh man
Workin on my tan. "

Hunt yourself and island
Hitch down to the beach
The sun belong to everyone,
In everybody's reach
If confined to dry land,
Peel yourself a peach (or Heal yourself a beach, you decide)
Hey c'mon, son of a gun...
Do I have to teach you what to say?

Take a bus, take a truck.
Take a bus, take a truck
Take a bus, take a truck
But take along, your good look!

Do it in Jamaica
Do it in Japan
Do it in Siberia
Give us all a break and do it in Iran
Do it in Afghanistan.

Everybody say - ay
I'm working on my tan. Oh man!
I'm working on my tan. Oh man!
Working on my tan!

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