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Til Tuesday – Lucky lyrics

Capo 1: f maps as e
Note: this is the way I've seen aimee play it in concert (well, in e - the
Recording is in f --- me, I play it in a with alternate fingers
E. G., a = x07650 or x07600; d = xx0770 and f#m as 044200 - well
You get the idea...)

*** Intro:
E | e

*** Verse 1:
So I guess I'll give it up
Yeah I guess I will
What's the use in pushing
When it's all uphill

*** Verse 2:
I can't be appointed e
Keeper of the flamee
Without two to carry a
It won't burn the same - oh f#m | e
It seems obvious to me
But then again
Could be a b
You just never felt that way

*** Chorus
A e (bass e f# g# b c#)
I wish you believed in life
C#m b
Believed in fate
A e (bass e f# g# b c#)
Believed you were lucky
And worth the wait
A e
'cause life could be lovely
C#m f# a2
Life could be so great

*** Verse 3:
It gets so embarassing e
So I acquiesce e
And I'll change my mind again a
You change your address - oh f#m | e
It seems logical to me c#m
But then again b
Could be I was simply not that smart d | a b

*** Chorus:
I thought you believed in life a e
Believed in fate c#m b
Believed you were lucky a e
And worth the wait c#m b
'cause life could be lovely ae
Life could be so great c#m f# a2

*** Bridge:
D a
There must be some other door that they are saving
E b
Behind which my happiness lies
D a
I won't be wasting my words
To tell you hopes that I had -
B a2
We can just leave it alone for now

*** Chorus:
I wish you: belief in life a e
Belief in fate c#m b
Belief you are lucky a e
And worth the wait c#m b
'cause life could be lovely ae
Life could be fucking great. C#m f# a2e


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