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Three 6 Mafia – Corner Man lyrics

Dig this right?
A nigga caught a few bullshit charges when he was young right?
So now these motherfuckin folks don't wanna give me a job ya hear?
But dig this
Now these motherfuckin police wanna find me a new place to stay
Cause I'm on the corner, posted, sellin yay
But they gon' have to deal with it
Cause I gotta motherfuckin live with it ya hear?

I'm a work this trap and give a damn about these hoes
Cause I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't
If you give me a yard I'm a give a eight of blow
Cause I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't
Call me - the corner man, corner corner man
Find me - on the corner man, on the corner man
Call me - the corner man, corner corner man
Find me - on the corner man, on the corner man

[Verse 1:]
I'm a Memphis, Tennessee, first 48'er
Give a damn 'bout these hoes give a damn 'bout these haters
If ye ain't talkin money you can see a nigga later
You can catch me in the South, on my bank, fuckin papered up
Bitch I sell white but I still do white
But at the end of the night I still give my price
And I get my money like a bee get honey
I got my profit even though some of it I done it
Cause a nigga can't work no 9 to 5
I got charges, but I gotta stay alive
And that's on e'rythang, you know a nigga gotta eat mayne
And I'm a do it even if it's due to cocaine


[Verse 2:]
I'm a tell you some shit right here, real shit nigga
It's a lot of fake-ass niggaz that be scared to bust
They hear them choppers then they back on up and shut the fuck
They say they shippin ki's, a hundred percent of that is cut
They say they in the game but niggaz takin it up the butt
So quit lyin to kick it, thinkin you impressin us
I bet you workin with the feds and the blue crush
He smell the powder pack, then he wanna get loud and cuss
Nigga sit yo' snitchin ass down 'fore you gettin it up
Real niggaz on the corner they don't have to talk
Cause they walk the walk, while yo' bitch-ass gettin caught
I watched the first 48 on tv, Memphis raw
Think they from the bullets, cryin and shit, man fuck naw~!


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