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This Wild Life – No More Bad Days lyrics

I thought we hit rock bottom
And then the floor gave out
The year you lost your health
The year we lost our house
I think the world has a way
Of choosing the worst day
To knock us down
And drag us out
But every door that's closed
Opens a new window

No more bad days
It's clear from here
No more bad days
For you my dear

Because my legs are strong
My arms are stretched so long
I will always reach for you
Cause you are sweet and pure
Yeah you are beautiful
In everything you do
You may have given up
But I will lift you up
I will always carry you
Cause you are sweet and pure
Yeah you are beautiful
In everything you do

I thought we hit rock bottom
And then the floor gave out
Yeah it was hard back then
It's even harder now
Cause when you're young and poor
You hope for so much more
I hope for rain to wash us clean
And make a brand new start
For both our tired hearts

Resilience is my promise
I'll never give up on us
Just lift your head up higher
I'll be here when you're tired
And need some peace
Just get some sleep

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No More Bad Days meanings

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    In an interview with This Wild Life, they had said this song was written for the leads mother. It starts off, "I thought we hit rock bottom and them the floor gave out" when something very bad happens and think everyone thinks if couldn't get any worse. And this statement says he thought it couldn't get any worse, and then it did. In the second line, "the year you lost your health" I assume this means his mother has been sick at some point in time in his life. "the year we lost our house" chemotherapy or any treatment for seriously ill people is not a cheap thing. It could be that because off the price, they lost their house. It then goes on saying how there we be no more bad days because something has changed in the way he thinks. He had always thought things couldn't get any worse. Kind of pessimistic but now he is thinking optimistically. He goes on saying how he will always be there for his mother and never letting her forget how beautiful and pure she really is no matter how sick she has gotten. It gets interesting when he says, "Yeah it was hard back then. It's even harder now. Cause when you're young and poor. You hope for so much more. I hope for rain to wash us clean. And make a brand new start. For both our tired hearts" it could mean his mother is still sick and that almost all their money is gone. Their last hope is for rain to wash her sickness out of her. I believe after he says no more bad days again after this he could be reassuring his mother even if bad things get worse. My favorite line in this beautiful song is, "Resilience is my promise" for all those who don't know, resilience basically means is the ability to roll with the punches. When stress, adversity or trauma strikes, you still experience anger, grief and pain, but you're able to keep functioning - both physically and psychologically. He promises things will get better or she will soon feel better. He tells her to lift her head up higher because things could begin to look up for them. He then again says he will always be there for her and that she should get some rest. He will always be there to protect her.
    Now that's just my interpretation. Does anyone else think the same? Different?
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