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The Willis Clan – Jack B lyrics

I met me an Irish sailor boy
Who spent all his life on the sea
To this day I wish that I’d never
Set eyes on his ferry Jack B

His cheeks they were wild and rosy
He considered life’s danger his play
His eyes were as green as the breakers
And as bright as the light ocean spray

Twas a hard twisted fate that was cruel
As cruel as any can be
For twas then that my poor heart was stolen
By the young sailor boy and the sea

I spoke to him then of my fancies
And thought that he’d listen to me
But he said I was naught but a child
And married he never would be

So I fled from the water I fled from the bay
Vowed him I never would see
But if ever a wish was granted to me
I'd wish us back on the ferry Jack B

Beware of young irish sailor boys
Who spend all their lives on the sea
Night and day you’ll wish that you’d never
Set eyes on the ferry Jack B

Over many a land I have travelled
Never again I’ll be free
For wherever I roam I will pine for the day
That I first fell in love with the sea

For wherever I roam I will pine for the day
That I first saw the ferry Jack B

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