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The Wildhearts – Do The Channel Bop lyrics

Shut your mouth, can't you see that I'm ignoring you?
Your lips are moving up and down, you're trying to get a message through
But here and now I'm absolutely miles away
I'm thinking of a million things and none [are/of] what you're trying to say
You've got to put me out (of) your misery (misery)
You're talking and you're talking and you
Ne-ver shut - up and you're fucking up
You're wearing on my patience, on my sanity (sanity)
(here's 50p, go and phone someone that gives a shit)

Cause I'm not alone, but by myself (aa-aa), so go and talk to someone else

I've got conversation (o-oh) constipation (o-oh), just took a small vacation
In silence (o-oh) and thunder (o-oh), and your mouth just put me under, stall the rage

All of the good boys and girls in the world do the channel bop (x3)

Late at night I lock myself inside my private room
Until the fighting die(s) and normal service was resumed
And now I'm back, I guess I never really went away
It's kinda cold in here but it's a welcome stay

So when I choke on the silage that you're puking out (puking out)
D'ya mind if I see you as vibrato potato (ta-ta)
Shit out of things that we can talk about (talk about)
So let's try 'goodbye', see y'round mind if I

[au revoir], closing down, I tried to warn you but you're in blab town


Cold patootie tango(x4)

Cause I'm not alone, by myself, so go and talk to someone else

All of the good boys and girls in the world do the channel bop (x3)
All of the good boys and girls in the world do the ch

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