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The White Buffalo – I Wish It Were True lyrics

Mother, I tried to do right by you,
To do what you asked me to.
I did wrong, and I knew.

Mother, I tried to behave for you.
Now I'm a-diggin' a grave for you.
It was all I could do.

Find a way back home, make everything new.
I wish it was true.

Father, well I gave my soul to you.
I came in blind folded for you.
It was all that I knew.

Open your arms and I'll fly out of hell up to you.
I wish it was true.

Boy, come on out from the cold.
You're lost outside there, don't you know?
It's not what you say, it's what you do.
Just keep wishing your wishes are true.
Well your dreams, they're reality.
There's no pain, there's no misery.
Just polish the blood and the brews.
For there's just no way you can lose.
Well I wish it was true.

Country, I was a soldier to you.
I did what you asked me to.
It was wrong, and you knew.

Country, now I'm just a stranger to you.
A number, a name; it's true.
Throw me away when you're through.

Home of the brave and the free; the red, white, and blue.
I wish it was true.

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    It really speaks to me in a couple ways. I buried my mother and went to Iraq for this country that I do no recognize anymore. I am currently sick and fighting for my benefits. They do not care about me anymore.
    I did what I thought was the right thing to do for man, God and country. I was wrong. I was just another number to be set aside. It breaks my heart that the red, white, and blue no longer give strengthens me. I get up early in the morning and sit in the living room by myself and cry cause it hurts so bad. I miss my family but have to be strong for the family I created.
    I hide my pain and mask it every day. I would rather be numb than feel these things day after day. I sit and wonder why me. Why do I have to be strong? I buried my mother and my brothers and never knew my father. Why me... Why am I the only one left? Everything that made me the strong fearless man I once was, has left me a shell of my former self.
    But I will continue to fight, so my son and daughter will never know my pain. I will continue to keep it inside.
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