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The Watchmen – Calm lyrics

Her mind just snapped, said this is it
And she just bit right through her lip
Things are flying, hit the floor
Someone's laughing but it's not her
She just screams out madly "Let it end."
She climbs to the window in stocking feet
And the ants they dance upon the street
Come on down, baby come down from there
Now what are you thinking with that stare?
She cries "If you love me, help it end."
Calm down, baby let's think about before
When we felt like loving, we'd fall down on the floor
We can find our way there again
Let's think about tomorrow
Quit talking all about the end
Her eyes are spinning like vertigo
And a spider crawls by, got somewhere to go
Started thinking 'bout that Twilight Zone
Where the man would scream and nobody'd know
Remember those symphony tickets we bought?
We never made it out of that parking lot
Come on down, baby come down from there
Don't drown yourself in no river of fear
She just whispers softly, "Let it end."
Calm down, baby let's think about before
We loved each other so damn hard we were torn and sore
I swear that I can take you from this place
Don't worry about the pain, girl
I'll wipe out every trace
Let me take you one more time,
Let me know you
Like I did once before
So please, now, take my shaking hand
I beg you
And I demand
She teeters like a see-saw on the edge
And the rocks, they drop but find no end
A bird flys by and winks at me
Says, "How much you pay for this pair of wings?"
She just whispers softly, "Let it end."

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