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The Tossers – Go Down Witch, Down lyrics

Go down witch, go down.
For tho' you are my Sister and although you are
My Mother and my Cousin and my lover, go down witch, go down.
For you will not stay in servitude,
Your insolence is vile and rude.
You shun the work you're given less my round.
When monogamy is practical for work and socialization,
You will stand to subjugation or go down.

So go down, arawak, down.
Go down, black man, down.

For you are not my Father, or my Uncle
Or my Mother, or my Sister or my Brother.

Columbus told Spain there was gold here,
But you've not produced enough.
So we'll send you back as slaves to fund our rounds.
And black man you won't bend, and you incite
The white servants and slaves to riot.
So laws and literature will separate you and keep you down.

So go down, American Nisei, go down
Go down, American Japanese, go down.

World War Two Yanks are sending home
Japanese skulls to their girlfriends.
They've no interest in stopping a racist world power at all.
That's why they're so late in the war,
'till the Japs threatened their Chinese recourse.
No head was sent from one German that went down,
And not one A-bomb was dropped on Europe see.

So go down to Guantanamo, go down.

For although you were our partners, no now you
Are not our brothers, or our fathers, or our mothers.

The vp's very own Halliburton.
They reap billions in Oilish benefits.
Different cultures are deemed inferior when profitable,
And if racism is not natural, it's the result of certain conditions.
The fact that laws had to be passed to forbid
Relations between blacks and whites shows the
Strength of the tendency to be in union.

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