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The Time – Release It #1 lyrics

Yo Stella, if you think I'm afraid of you.
Grace, if you so much as think I can't do the do.
Girl, if you dream I came to jerk around.
You'd better wake up, and release it.

Party people in the crib get hyped!
Let's get this party funkin' right!
Come on! Come on!

Release it.

Listen to me now, release it.
Come..., come on, come on, release it.

Whose crib is this? - My crib!
Whose wine you drinkin'? - Mine!
Who asked your ugly ass what time it was? - Nobody!
We're doing fine.
Take it all off. Bass, I need the funk in my face.
I can't stand tight asses in my place.
Let's get hype y'all, release it.

Release it.

What time it is, band?
.... Time to get sleazy up in here.
Mary, sweet mother Jesus.
.... Fuck that.

Oh Stella, I know you came alone.
'cause ain't just any man qualified to take you home?
Me? No. I'm not a man. Jerome?
.... He's an adventure.
Oh, somebody slap me. I don't know.
Party people in the crib get hyped, party people in the crib get hyped!
Release it.
.... Yes.

Release it.

.... Yo?
When this solo's through.
.... Morris?
Find me a Stella to rap to.
.... Yes.

Whose beat is this? - My beat!
Whose horns are these blowing? - Mine!
Who asked your dumb ass how to catch a groove? - Nobody!
We're doing the do.
.... Yes.
Whose Stella is this?
.... My Stella.
Whose Stella is this?
.... My Stella.
Then what's she doing over here with me?
.... Uhh, uhh...
What's she doing over here with me?
Who told you that women like men with no money?
.... Pfft...
Release it, boy!
Go'n Stella, dance!
Say man, back up, give me some room.
Dance! Shake it like a peckerwood!

Release it.

Over and over and over and over and over...
Your girlfriends told ya, that I'm the rover.
But I'm here to scold ya, that I'm feelin' alone.
Then we can bone. Gimme a number to phone, you grown!
And I am so, if you say no!
Instead of cryin' I'll keep tryin'.
Until you're dyin', to have me for your own.

So peep Stella, peep Stella.
If you think that I'm afraid of you.
.... Do it, md.
If you think that I'm afraid of you.
.... Rap to her.
If you think that I can't do the do.
.... Yeah, papa.
If you think that I can't do the do.
.... Wooo!
If you think I came to jerk around.
.... Go'n, say it.
You better wake up, Stella. - Wake up!
This is my town.

Release it.

Man, let them drum kick.
Let's get the hell outta here!
.... Let's do it. She's gone.

Release it.

Motherfucker, get yo ass out of my way.
.... Hahahaha!

Release it. Release it.

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