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The Plot In You – Premeditated lyrics

Dear old friend
I'm writing this to plant an image in your head
For the girl that you fucked and left for dead
After she told me not a word was said
But something changed inside me

And if she wasn't your first
I'm making sure she's your last
It takes such a small human being
To lose all control and to lust like a fiend

So keep on praying that her fear keeps you protected
I'll rest my mind
And let you live on my given time

I've made this my life
It left me sleepless at night
I watched her world fall apart in your hands (in your hands)

So tell me
Was it everything you hoped and dreamed?
Her legs pinned down
And face shoved deep into your seat
You feel blood, you don't stop, you don't stop, just repeat
It only makes you harder
And this wait has only made me stronger

You have no idea how long I've planned this out in my head

He just shut his bedroom door for the last time
I'm keeping still, breathing slow, with my hands tight
I feel the demons inside me
They feel what I feel
I am connected through a mindset

(I fuel the demons inside me
I feel what they feel
And we are all connected)

He lays in his bed so hopeless
I watch the life leave his eyes
Slaughtered the man I despised
Wrapped up his body in his bed sheets
My hearts racing faster than this car
Did I stab him enough?
At least I made it this far
I only wished you could see the look on your mother's face
You've truly broken her heart
I rest my mind
So she can finally sleep at night

I've made this my life
It left me sleepless at night
I watched her world fall apart in your hands (in your hands)

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