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The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – On, Darlin' lyrics

(Piano intro)

Ooh, darlin'

Since I've met you, my life's a waste

Oooh, darlin'

You're about all that I can take

The first time I saw you, I knew that I wanted you

You just came along and I picked you out

And from that day, I've never been a doubt

I've been knocked-out

I'm so hung up, thunderstruck,

You're just too muuuch

Oooh, darlin'

The nights are endless when you're not there

Oooh, darlin'

Sometimes I wish that I didn't care

And I was still free to be loose like I used to be

But then you come along and hold me close

And tell me that I fill your every hope

I overdose

I can't hold on,

I go headlong,

'till I'm too far gone

(Guitar solo)

I guess that you're the best I've ever had

It seems I never get enough to last

So again, I ask

I'm so hung up,


You're just too muuuch

Oooh, darlin'

Ohhh, darlin'...

Ohhh, darlin'...

Ohhh, darlin'...

Ohhh, darlin'...


Lyrics are copyright 1980, Larry Lee

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