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The Muppets – Bert Ernie 1 lyrics

A Bert and Ernie Singalong
thanks to Brian Fennell (fenn@wpi.WPI.EDU)
[Watery sounds]
Yanky Doodle went to town
A-riding on his pony...
Ahhh, I love taking my bath, peace and
all alone.
[knock-knock-knock knock-knock]
...and called it macaroni
Oh! two, three....
Hi buddy Bert
Oh, hi Ernie, oh hey will you close
The door, Ernie there's a draft.
Oh just a second Bert.
Ern... Ernie
What are you do...?
You can't push the piano through the
Bathroom door.
Why, sure I can, Bert, watch...
[Grunt, bump, grunt, tinkle, KA-bump]
Wh-WHAT are you doing with
A piano
in the bathroom!?
Oh Bert! I heard you singing in
The tubby there
And so I thought I
Would just come and sing along
I don't WANT you to sing-along,
I want you to get out.
...but everybody sounds better
Singing in the bathroom Bert.
You know...
I don't want the piano in here Ernie.
...well Sure, Bert, what's a
Sing-along without a piano?
[starts to play piano]
It's ME, that's what it is... Alone!
Listen to that Bert
Stop that playing.
Doesn't that sound nice

Stop it right now.
Doesn't that make you just want
To sing-along.
...makes me want to see you
Out of here.
No, Bert, listen:
Gee, Bert
It's so much fun
No, it's not
I know you'll like it
...I won't like it.
Once you've begun
...I won't begin!
Ernie I have to scrub my toes
I've got to wash my hair.
We, Bert
Could have a ball
No way!
If I could get you
To sing at all
[ends song but plays for Bert]
I refuse to sing-al
I won't.
But, Bert...
So please don't ask me if I want to
'cause I don't.
Pretty Please...?
Although for you I would do
Almost anything,
Along is one way which I
Do not want to sing.
But, listen...
Ol' bud-dy...
It will make you Happy
When you start to sing a Snappy
Little number that will
Bounce you right along.
Like "Farmer in the Dell" or
"Old MacDonald had a Farm" or
Maybe "What's the Name of that Song".
So if you use a lot of voice
You'll love it that you've got a voice
And even if the notes you sing are wrong
You'll do a favor for us
If you lift your voice in chorus
For a swinging sing-along song.
E: It will make you Hap - py
B: I re - fuse
E: when you start to sing a snap - py
B: to sing - a - long.
E: lit - tle num - ber that will bounce you
B: I won't!
E: right a - long
B: so please
E: like "Far - mer in the Dell" or
B: don't ask me if
E: "Old Mac - Don - ald had a Farm" or
B: I want to 'cause
E: may - be "What's-the-Name-of-that-Song"
B: I don't
E: So
B: al
- though for you
E: if you use a - lot of voice you'll
B: I would do al -
E: love it that you've got a voice and
B: most an - y - thing
E: ev - en if the notes you sing are
E: wrong
B: a - long
E: you'll do a fa - vor for us
B: is one way which
E: if you lift your voice in chor - us
B: I do not want
E: for a swing-ing sing-along song
B: to sing
Please, Bert
You'll like it too
No, I won't!
We'll sing Together
Just me and you
No! I refuse to sing-along
That's it.
And in the bathtub? it's ridiculous!
I Quit!
That's that.
That's that!
Gee, Bert, that was wonderful.

Lyrics taken from /lyrics/t/the_muppets/bert_ernie_1.html

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