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The Mr. T Experience – What Do You Want? lyrics

I'll be your codependent you're my cute little enabler together we'll get set
To kill and cry about it later and I say lather rince repeat this is my
Philosophy change my mind my brain is smoking can't live without my
Remote control remote control What Do You Want? It's too complicated
What do you mean? It's too hard to state it what do you do? It's not what
But whether who do you love? I'm in love with leather so call me kid
Compulsive cause I'm crawling on the concrete and meet me at the
Laundromat that's where I do my laundry and I will be so glad you came
Cause danger is my middle name there's always something going on until it
Sort of grinds to a halt. What do you want? I don't know what is it what do
You need? I just need a minute what will it take? It will take forever who do
You love? I'm in love with lethargy now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
Of all my twisted motives of coffee jolt and classic coke and delicious blue
Cream sodas blue cream soda brings a smile and that's what makes it all
Worthwhile there's something more important somewhere but blue cream
Soda sure is up there what do you want? That's for me to know and you to
Find out and that's where I'm going what will it take? It will take forever
Who do you love? I'm in love with leather what do you want? What do you
Mean? What will you do? It's not what but whether who do you love? I'm in
Love with lethargy.

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