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The Hush Sound – You Are The Moon lyrics
Shadows all around you as you surface from the dark,
Emerging from the gentle grip of night's unfolding arms.
Darkness, darkness everywhere,
Do you feel alone
The subtle grace of gravity,
The heavy weight of stone.

You don't see what you possess,
A beauty calm and clear-

It floods the sky,
And blurs the darkness like a chandelier.
All the light that you possess,
Is skewed by lakes and seas;
The shattered surface,
So imperfect,
Is all that you believe.

I will bring a mirror,
So silver, so exact,
So precise and so pristine,
A perfect pane of glass.
I will set the mirror up,
To face the blackened sky.
You will see your beauty every moment that you rise.

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You Are The Moon meanings

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    This song has very deep meaning. It's so deep that it must be Adele because it's rolling in it. It's so deep I can't even see it. It's a beautiful song and I love this song.
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    This is the most poetic song I have ever heard and it has touched me in a way a song has never touched me before. Every time I listen to it, I seem to understand it on a deeper level.

    Most people view the moon as something beautiful and almost romantic. It illuminates the darkness and shines a sort of calm light on the sea in a way that the sun can't.

    But if the moon was a person, how would it feel? All it ever sees is darkness and shadows. It feels is all alone, always watching over the earth where there is life, but never being able to be a part of it.

    This singer is singing to the moon and describing how vital and beautiful it is to the earth. Like I mentioned earlier, the moon only sees darkness and shadows, but it does not realize that it itself is the light that illuminates the darkness "like a chandelier". And the shadows are actually just the darkness hiding behind its light (that part took me a while to realize but I think it has a very powerful message). The moon doesn't have any idea how beautiful and necessary it is to the earth, because it doesn't have a clear view of itself. Its only sense of identity is its distorted reflection in the sea.

    At the end of the song, the singer says to the moon that she intends to hold a mirror up to the moon, so it can see its beauty every moment that it rises.

    The moon represents a person that does not feel important, beautiful, good enough, alone, depressed, insecure, isolated. We don't know why this person feels this way, but we know that he or she is influenced by some kind of darkness in their life. For example, I feel the same way the moon does, and in my case the darkness is my sister who has borderline personality disorder and abuses drugs and has been telling me that I'm worthless and that I should kill myself since I was 14 (now I'm 18). The singer is telling this person not to be tricked by the darkness and shadows, and that the person doesn't see himself or herself for what he or she truly is. The mirror represents the truth. It is perfect and exact. And the singer is holding it up to the moon, there for showing the person how beautiful he or she really is.

    I think everyone who feels like the moon needs someone like this in their life to make them realize their beauty. For me, it was on a group community service trip where I met some of the greatest people I've ever met. I won't bore you with the details if anyone is even reading this, but within those 10 days I was able to see myself more clearly than I ever have before.

    Soooooooo basically I think the message of this song is that if you feel like you are the moon, there is hope. The people in your life influence how you feel about yourself, and if you don't like yourself, then try and branch out. Meet new people and get rid of the toxic influences in your life.
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      This song has very deep meaning. It's so deep that it must be Adele because it's rolling in it.... Read more →
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      This is the most poetic song I have ever heard and it has touched me in a way a song has never... Read more →

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