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The Faceless – The Ancient Covenant lyrics

A treaty between alpha and omega beings
Summoning a darkened era upon earth
Ancients receive immortality
The rest shall be servants of the Gods
Slow-poisoning, xenobiotic substances will enslave your sick
A pact of horrifying consequence
A new alteration
Humanoid mutation of alien seed
The agenda implemented through genetic infiltration
A treaty between between alpha and omega begins summoning a darkened era upon earth
Promising unearthly intellect
Feeding on the selfishness of man
The ancient covenant is sealed with the blood of unsown, tainted loins
Begin integration of the hybrid population
Ancients join the ranks of the Gods
For their curses of destined generations

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    I believe this song is in part referring to the ancient alien belief that the human race exists as it does today, because extra terrestrials spliced their dna with early man giving us unearthly knowledge and instinct. Their goal was most likely to use the more intelligent (but still inferior) hybrid race to their advantage. Having possibly used our race as a tool in ancient times they most likely plan to do so in the future. Ultimately they gave our race the power to destroy itself.
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    This song is referring to world that was enslaved by the gods that ruled there at the time, long ago. It is a made up world in my opinion. It could also be referring to our world, not as literally. Because as a society, we are suject to abide by the rules and regulations of the judicial system, as well as our superiors. And we suffer the consiquences (not as derely), if these rules are broken.
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