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The Crucified – Diehard lyrics

Jim Bakker's your excuse
You won't believe
(he's sinned. Like you)
Too big-headed to admit you failed
It's easier to cop-out
Easier to bail
Easier to be a lazy slob
As you turn your head and sluff it off
You build a wall around yourself
And put reality on a shelf

Diehard - the last to go down
Diehard - you're gonna stick around
Diehard - refuse to believe
Diehard - that God could be

I'm not trying to condemn
Your life is yours
For you to live
But the gentle approach you denied
As you chose to believe the lies
Face the facts: you're not in control
Satan cast and you swallowed whole
Believe in God and think for yourself
Or believe the lies and rot in hell

So get down on your knees
Then take his hand to get
On your feet
Leave this life
Don't shun the new
Don't turn from what you know is true
Cause it's the same old people
Attitudes, and lives
You can choose to believe a lie
You can choose to live this life
Or follow God and live a new life

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