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The Civil Wars – My Father's Father lyrics

I hear something hanging on the wind
I see black smoke up around the bend
I've got my ticket and I'm going to go home
The leaves have changed a time or two
Since the last time a train came through
I've got my ticket and I'm going to go home
My Father's father's blood is on the track
A sweat refain drifts in from the past
I've got my ticket and I'm going to go home
The winding roads they led me here
Burn like coal and dry like tears
So here's my hope
My tired soul
And here's my ticket I want to go home
Home, home, home

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    I think this song is about somebody who is wanting to go home, but when the person does, they discover their grandfathers death in a very horrible way. After the discovery, they start to think about the sweet memories of their grandfather, and begin to cry. I also find this part to be very disappointing, since they really wanted to go home to a lovely place. I also think this song is about people who are trying to find home, but they can't, so they keep buying tickets to go from place to place to see if they can find out where their actual home is. When they do find out where their home is, they see their grandfather dead on the track. So they go on through their home on trains, remembering the places in sadness. These are just my opinions.
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