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The City Drive – Saints lyrics

How'd we end up alone?
You've got someone at home
The one you'll love 'til you die
So do I
Don't forget me
It's so easy to fall
And think of nothing at all
Staying strong is a fight
Though I try
Don't forget me
Don't forget what we could've had
Stand my ground
Though I wanna stay with you tonight
I'd sit back down
If you'd come around at other times
I promise now
That I won't forget the best thing I've never had
We could sneak underground
Speak, but don't make a sound
But I won't let her down
Though you get me
Like no one gets me
All I need is a holiday
From my vocation as a saint
Hearts are beating fast; we're the same (in every way)
That is why I can't come back again
Don't forget me
You've got everything I need
You've got it but I cannot stray away
This night will always be with me
Stand my ground
I'd sit back down
I promise now
That I won't forget the best thing I've never had

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