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The Cat Empire – The Rhythm lyrics

And for all of the sweet loving that
I have received
In the sun in the rain
By the moon by the sea
There is one time that I'm thinking of
One time where one woman
Did knock me off my feet
And my knees were shaking
And my jaw was dropping
And my eyes were squinting
And my smile was growing
And my pants were bulging
And my hands were sweating
And my chest was beating
So I cry 'excuse me,
What is the secret to your song? '

Cause when you're walking along
When you're walking along...

Your legs are a melody my hands
Would like to play
And your hips are a note
That does take me away
And your face and your eyes and your hair
And your waist and your smile
Drive me to distraction
She turned and she gave the evil eye
'why thankyou' she said
Then she sigh 'ah there's one thing
I think you failed to mention...'
'What? ' I said then she said
'It's the rhythm you forgot'
And right then I knew what was what
And she snuck to my lips
And she kissed them
Said 'young man
I'll show you some rhythm'

And she'll show you some rhythm

And since then ha
The rhythm's been running through my veins
In my thoughts in my eyes
In my head it's insane
It's the thing that does drive me
To scream
On the street when I think of some
Places it's taken me
I feel horny when I thinking of some of that rhythm in my mind
What she gave what she gives to me
All of the time
Say a little bit of sweet loving in your day
All my friends know it keeps the
Bad thoughts away
So sing with your hips my baby
When you're dancing to this tune
And when this tune is through
We'll sneak to some place
And continue to...
Say sing with your hips my baby
When you're dancing to this tune
And when this tune is through
We'll sneak to some place and
Continue to -
She said I'll show you some rhythm

And she'll show you some rhythm

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