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The Broadways – Into The Woods - Any Moment lyrics

Cinderella's prince
Anything can happen in the woods.
May I kiss you-?
Any moment we could be crushed.

Baker's wife

Cinderella's prince
Don't feel rushed.

Baker's wife
This is ridiculous,
What am I doing here?
I'm in the wrong story.

Wait one moment, please, sir! We can't- we can't do this!
You have a princess.

Cinderella's prince
Well, yes. I do.

Baker's wife
And I have a... A baker.

Cinderella's prince
Of course, you're right. How foolish.

Foolishness can happen in the woods.
Once again, please-
Let your hesitations be hushed.
Any moment, big or small,
Is a moment, after all.
Seize the moment, skies may fall
Any moment.

Days are made of moments,
All are worth exploring.
Many kinds of moments-
None is worth ignoring.
All we have are moments,
Memories for storing.
One would be so boring...

Baker's wife
No, no, no, no!
This is not right!

Cinderella's prince
Right and wrong don't matter in the woods,
Only feelings.
Let us meet the moment unblushed.
Life is often so unpleasant-
You must know that, as a peasant-
Best to take the moment present
As a present for the moment.

I must leave you.

Baker's wife

Cinderella's prince
The Giant.

Baker's wife
Will we find each other in the woods again?

Cinderella's prince
This was just a moment in the woods.
Our moment,
Shimmering and lovely and sad.
Leave the moment, just be glad
For the moment that we had.
Every moment is of moment
When you're in the woods...


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