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The Bled – I Don't Keep With Liars Anymore lyrics

I see right through you when you sing it back to me
I read that fine print and I saw you staggering
Regurgitate the shit you find in the dirty dreams of a rapist's mind
Congratulate the corpse you drag, put the money in the body bag
Right in front of us
The stop and start machine
You've been singing with the liar's tongue
With every crippled word you said to me
With every fractured breath and broken glare
You were pawning off your babies' debt with a cold paycheck
Abandon what you built
Repair your hope with guilt
There's nothing left here to suffocate
With razor wire arms you reach and miss the throat
There's nothing left to love about this city anymore
The politics and the hired whore
Now, save your breath
Now, into your mouth
Did this to yourself
You can't repair the punctured lung
Secrets seep thru the stress cracks
Shut your mouth
I read the fine print
Now, shut your mouth
You did this to yourself
Now shut your mouth and pay the rent
You say it
Like your life depends on believing in your own lie
I see right thru you when you sing it
Sing it back to me
Now, say it like your life depends on believing in your own lie

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