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The Beautiful Girls – Cash Money lyrics

Going, my boat's leaving today.
Gonna get down to the water,
Gonna wash these blues away.
Man this city's taken too much from me,
Gonna head out to the country,
Find a place where I can breathe.
I've been working 9 to 5,
Trying to lead a gracious life,
But my hard work only ever went to keeping me in strife.
Gonna take another road.
Gonna find myself some soul.
Gonna do my best in every way,
To pay attention as I go.

Cash money,
Aint got no use for you.
Unless you can buy me true love.
And it's funny,
How many time's they've proved,
That the only true fortune you can save,
Is the truth.

Slowly, time keeps slipping away.
Leaves still change their colours,
Prophets lay still in their graves.
Erasing all our liberties.
Gonna take this axe, apply it,
Chop injustice at it's knees.
The fundamental laws,
Of suffering and of it's cause,
Man they lay in being human.
Everybody has their flaws.
What if we could overcome,
Insecurity for love?
Fear for empathy?
Education in place of push and shove?

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