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The 88 – Haunt You lyrics

I got a lot of something you ought to try
I'm gonna haunt you for the rest of your life
I got a lot of catching up left to do
Just for me and for you

At the heart of something I wanna say
I'm gonna haunt you for the rest of your days
I got a lot of things that I'm gonna prove
Just for me and for you

Rollin and a reelin with your friends down the stairs
Knockin on the ceiling just to see if I'm there
When you see me bleeding don't you know that I care

I got a lot of something you oughta be
I'm gonna haunt you till you want me to leave
I got a lot things that I'm gonna do
Just for me and for you

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    While the song probably uses the idea of haunting as a metaphor, I can imagine that it is actually written from the perspective of a ghost. Perhaps this could be the story of two lovers, one of which died tragically and unexpectedly (for instance, a car crash); now, the ghost of the deceased lover comes back to "haunt" their partner. Of course, given the giddy and cheerful tune of the song, the ghost has all pure intentions: they genuinely wish to "catch up" with their lover and go back to they way things were, as if they were truly inseperable. However, while the partner cannot see the ghost and has moved on (already hanging out with friends), the ghost still tries to capture their attention; they admire them so much that they are determined to "haunt" them, playfully saying that it will make them "want [them] to leave". Just a song about a naive, quirky, love-struck ghost. Kinda cute, right?
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