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Tenacious D – Things I Want lyrics

Ho, Ho, Ho
So many christmas letters
So many wishes
Lucy wants a squeezy doll
Jimmy wants a moon rocket
Oh, this list's rather long...

[Sum 41]

Hey now Santa I'm writin' to you
'Cause there's alotta cool shit I want
I know I've been naughty
But cut me some slack
'Cause theres alotta cool shit I want
So heres my list-a
So check it a twice-a

I want
A solid gold harley with machine guns on the front
I want
A Motley Crue lunch box filled with sticky buns

I wanna see-through jump suit that fits me tight
I want all of the Beetles copyrights
I wanna chop Florida off the map
I want Pamela Anderson's speedo top!

Here ya go, Santa
That's my Christmas list
That's all the cool shit I want
But wait a minute, Santa
Here's some things I missed
There's still alotta cool shit I want

So here's my list-a
So check it a twice-a

I want
A time machine and a BB gun
I want
A statue of Moby on the surface of the sun
I want
To party naked on a school bus full of nuns
I want
A bumper pool table and a robot pelican

There ya go, Santa
I'm sure you'll agree that
There's some really cool shit I want
I know I've been naughty
But I gaurantee
That I deserve every single one

So take my list-a
And check it a twice-a
I know i've been naughty
But life aint nice-a
Please i still-a
Need some more shit-a

I want
I diamond hyena shootin fire from his butt
I want
A cannibal chef to cook me sweet and sour butt
I want
A magical sleigh that's pulled by flying skunks
I want
All the cool shit I want!

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