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Television – Little Johnny Jewel lyrics

Now Little Johnny Jewel,
Oh, he's so cool,
He has no decision,
He's just trying to tell a vision.
Some thought that this was sad,
And others thought it mad,
They just scratching the surface,
Jj can do the floor kiss.
Was he on display?
No, no, not today.
All that guy ever said,
He said, "I want my little wing-head".
He half-asleep at night
Over his head, sensation of flight.
And he wake up dreaming,
And he run down to the airport,
The rush, the roar,
And he crouched down behind a fence,
With a chest full of lights,
He loses his senses...
Oh Little Johnny Jewel,
He's so cool,
But if you see him looking lost
You ain't gotta come on so boss!
And you know that he's paid,
You know that he's paid the price,
All you gotta do for that guy
Is wink your eye.

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    This song is about me. I was born in 1975, and it describes my life in a sort of prophecy. It would be had to explain it all, that's 40+ years to talk about. Pretty much it talks about a lot of my character traits, and the experiences which were at that time yet to come. When I wake up dreaming, it is a reference to the way my life is more like a dream than a reality. The chest full of lights, and a few other lines I am not yet able to decipher. A guy I knew who claimed to work at cbgb in the 70s said it is just about some guy running around stealing televisions. Little did he know. Truth is that this whole band is full of mystery, and probably the most mystical band ever, launching a movement which is the same: Punk. Unbeknownst to most.
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