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Tegan And Sara – I Was Married lyrics

I Married In The Sun
(tell Me Where Tell Me Where)
Against The Stone Of Buildings Built Before
You And I Were Born
(start Again Start Again)
And To My Heart Confusion Rose Against
The Muscles Fought So Long
(fought So Long)
To Control Against The Rule Of
One Magnet To Another Magnet
To Another Magnet
Now We Look Up In
(tell Me Who Tell Me Who)
To The Hours Of Bodies Breaking Past
They Seem So Very Tough
(it's A Lie It's A Lie)
They Seem So Very Scared Of Us
I Look Into The Mirror
(look Into)
For Evil That Just Does Not Exist
I Don't See What They See
(tell Them That Tell Them That)
Try To Control The Rule Of One Magnet
To Another Magnet
To Another Magnet
To Another Magnet
To Another

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Corrected bySarah Cotton


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    Sarah Cotton
    This is clearly about marriage, specifically a marriage between two women. (Or two men, if you wish. Either way, it's a gay marriage.) It's about a woman who married another woman, who she'd known all her life and despite her confusion and initial resistance, she knew she was in love with this woman and that they were destined for each other.

    Now that they are married and open, they face people (homophobes, obviously) who bully and threaten them because of their love for one another. They call them evil, say their love is evil, but they don't see what they see; they don't see what's wrong with them and with their love.
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