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Teena Marie – Resilient (Sapphire) lyrics

Bird tweets [x2]

[Teena Marie:]
I'm a bluebird, I'm a sapphire
I'm a nighting game
I am flying, soulful winters
Who will tell my tale?
I am a hummingbird, a free flying bird
I am the wind beneath your wings
I am a white dove
Unconditional love
I am the everflow... Your dreams

[Alia Rose:]
I'm a raven, I'm an eagle
I'm a lovely swan
Time is passing, everlasting
I will linger all
I am a soulful bird, a free flying bird
I am the twigs that make your nest
I am a white dove
Unconditional love
A mothers love that always remains

[Teena Marie:]
I'm going home today
My home is just around the pier
But I won't say goodbye
I'm only stay until we meet again
I'm gonna spread my wings
A phoenix rising through the flame
And all the earth will know and hear
New Orleans is my name

[Alia Rose:]
New Orleans is my name

[Teena Marie:]
A mobile is my name

[Alia Rose:]
Mobile is my name

[Teena Marie:]
Miloxx is my name
Resilient is my name.

Bird tweets [repeat]

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