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Taylor Swift – Brought Up That Way lyrics

Emily comes home from school,
Grabs onto her daddy's hand,
He says "baby girl what's wrong with you?"
She says "please don't make me go back there again"

She said "I wish there was some way
To make them stop it"
So he drives down to
That principle's ofice and says

"I didn't bring her up
So they could cut her down
I didn't bring her here
So they could shut her out
I live my whole damn life
To see that little girl's smile
So why are tears pouring down
That sweet face?
She wasn't brought up that way"

Emily's home late again
He sees that boy drive away
Oh, but something different this time,
She doesn't have too much to say
She said "he tried but
There's just some things I won't do"
And through the tears
She said "I couldn't do that to you"
And he said

"I didn't bring you up so he could wear
You down
Take that innocent heart
And turn it inside out
I live my whole damn life
To see my little girl's smile
So don't let nobody take that away,
You weren't brought up that way"

The phone rings on a rainy night
Says "it's Officer Tate"
He said "sir, there's been an accident,
You better come down here right away,
A drunken driver missed an overpass,
And Emily, she's fading fast"
He says "God, I didn't bring her up
To watch them lay her down
Nearly killed me the day
They put her
Momma in the ground
Only thing that kept me alive,
Was that little girl's smile
So please don't take that away,
I won't be easy taking her today,
She wasn't brought up that way"

He stands over the hospital bed
Emily opens her eyes

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    This song is special to me. My best friend. She's been through a rough time. Her mum died in a car crash. Her dad is barely at home, but he says he loves her. He's planning on moving to australia to get a better job, and he said he wasn't taking her with him. She has to take care of her siblings (twin girls and 1 boy, all younger), and live with a grandma that hates her to the core. When her father was on his plane to brisbane, it. Crashed. There was a big storm but the pilots were being cocky and flew on. His body was lost. Then, her grandma died and they had to go to an orphanage. One of her twin sisters got sick of hypothermia one day, then died a few weeks after. A week before her twin sister's death, she got raped when she was running chores. She never told anyone, but me. This all happened to her last year. Emily parker.
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    I think this song means that it is not right to bully kids and that people don't deserve to be treated unfairly or to be made fun of actually I don't think this I know this because taylor swift wrote this song about me but changed my name but this song is all true from emily P. S. I'm her little cousin ps again all you bullies shut your faces people don't deserve your crap so just leave them alone don't make them feel insecure about who they are they should love themselves P. S. All the kids who are bullied and called ugly heads up your beautiful and don't deserve the crap your getting from the bullies so always remember what the girl in brought up that way told you and keep your head up and love who you are and you will be fine so don't let people who don't care about you tear you down.
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    It's about this little girl who always gets bullied then her dad drives to her principals office and tries to tell him/her that his daughter shouldnt get bullied. When the girl is around 15 years old she has a boyfriend and she returns from a date and he forces her to have s** with him. When the girl is 18 or 19 years old she knows how to drive and she is in the hospital cause she was in an accident then the dad wants her to stay alive because he loves her. So sad! :(
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