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Tank – If Thats What It Takes lyrics

I'll drown in the fire
I'll burn up in the rain
If that's what it takes
I'll carry your baby
Do that 9 months of pain
If that's what it takes

Can't you see way past the need?
This conversation is pure desperation
I'll dig for your diamond
Brick by brick I'll build you a home
If that's what it takes
I'll be your soldier
Fight till every enemy is gone
If that's what it takes

Cause I'm completely sold out to you
Ain't making no more, nothing left in the store yeah, yeah
Any man that ever did you wrong
I'll find him and make him apologize
If that's what it takes
Baby lemme be your fool
Hurt me any way you like
If that's what it takes
Listen, girl when God made you
He only made one and He made you for me can't you see heyy yeah
I'll take my blood and give it all to you
If you need it to live
If that's what, what it takes ooohhh
I'll spend my last dime for your ticket
On that train to heaven
If that's what, what it takes, yeah

Cause I love you so much I gotta find
A way to love you in more lifetimes, yeah
If That's What It Takes
Throw it all away, I don't care about nothing,
If that's what it takes
Got my heart in yo hands
Hold it for ransom, till you'd get what you need
As long as you can
I'd hum for you hmm hm hm hmm hhmm hmm hhmm hmh mhmm hh
Oh oh oh oh oh hm hm hm hm hmm Oh oh oh oh oh
Hmhmmhmhmhmhm yeah what it take
Later Imma let it ride, let it ride, let it ride oooohhhhhh
Take my time ohohohohohohoh
Hmmmmmhmhmhm m hm mhmh mh mhm mhmh mhmhmh
Oh oho oh oh oh oh

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