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Syd Barrett – So Young lyrics

Little girl sit and cry for what you've done
Did you think it'd work turning your back on someone
That just looking away could save you the stress
Of compensating, to clean this mess
Would take the understanding you don't have
Would it be so demanding of me to ask
To give a little feeling a thought in mind
To share a little feeling while you waste my time

Now little girl thinks that shes through with this
That she can go on living her life in bliss
But luckily I'm here to bring
Back the memories of the suffering
They were all caused by your demon lies
And the way you can choose not to sympathise
You look like you think you should care
Instead you'll claim that you were unaware

Of this dire consiquence
Or will it come at my expense
I wont let it go past this
So speak in your defense
Give sympathy a chance
It will not get past this

So now where do you go from here
Can't go forth if your living your life in fear
But don't go if your gonna go it blind
Take a minute just a second to rewind
Realize whatwas your big mitake
Realize how you can no longer fake
All your feelings, What you've come to know
You must learn to reap what you sew

Or this dire consiquence
Will come at your expence
You've let it grow to this
You've used up your last chance
In Vain defiance
Or had you wanted this?

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